Contract Management

All Your Contracts in One Place

Modernize your organization and go paperless by storing all your important contracts in one centralized location. Eliminate human error and increase efficiency by easily setting permissions for internal teams and creating expiration date timelines without help from your IT team.

With advanced version control and document validation workflows, AODocs' contract management business process templates allow you to send automatic reminder notifications whenever a contract needs to be updated or reviewed.

Contracts Management Business Process Template
Centralize Contracts Management

Centralize Your Contracts

Make it easy for your employees to find the most up-to-date contracts by creating unique, customized views based on categories, status, dates, and departments.

Never miss an important update

Set automatic reminders to make sure that you don't miss a contract renewal date or a filing deadline.

Contracts Management Notification
Contract Management Document History

Track document history

From document review to approval and version changes, access comprehensive activity logs to make tracking contracts easy.


For Legal

Manage your NDAs, client contracts, and other contractual documents in one location.

Ensure that all contracts get approval from the right partners before being finalized.

Get reminders when a client's retainer agreement is expiring.

Vendor Management

For Vendor Management

Create, review, and manage your vendor contracts internally.

Use workflows to ensure that all contracts are approved by the right people before being shared.

Automatically send the approved contracts to your vendors to be signed.

Other Features

Document Metadata

Tag and manage your documents using your organizations' own internal properties

Version control

Manage multiple versions of documents and enforce strict version control

Custom List Views

Configure list views and reports by selecting columns, sort order, and filters


Create business workflows in a few clicks with a fully configurable workflow builder

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